About Salt Boatworks

About Salt BoatworksHi, I’m Adam, the owner and designer at Salt Boatworks.  I grew up fishing the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with my family and fell in love with the lines of the local work boats.  Something so simple, yet so elegant, and unlike any mass produced boat available.  I never lost my fondness for these boats and after graduation from NC State University in 2009 I decided to build a boat of my own.  
In 2012 I started looking for plans to build a Core Sound style skiff but none were available.  So I reached out to many builders, designers, and Naval Architects that would mentor me over the next several years.  I created the hull shape in CAD and started construction in 2013.  Three very busy years later the boat was completed.  I then started designing jigs for some of my mentors, and in 2016 Salt Boatworks became an official company.  I have been doing boat design for various companies since.

I offer stock and custom boat designs so you can experience the enjoyable and rewarding journey of building a boat.